Baseline Collateral for Useful Video Streaming

This post I’m making just to outline, and provide future reference, of a few things I’ve realized between this post about what you dear readers want and things that would make my video streams more useful, plus what content would be more useful. I’ve taken this survey (which you can still fill out your two cents) and what I’ve learned form it, combined that with what I’ve learned with doing some Twitch and YouTube streaming and prepared to introduce better content, with more details and related samples, along with the streaming I’ve been doing. With that, here’s an outline of the basic collateral I’m going to produce for every single streaming session I do from now on.

Per Stream Per Video Collateral

  1. I’ll post updates with content and objectives overview for each session well before the actual session that I schedule. So that there’s a blog entry with the next dozen or so sessions, plus the events will be listed on Twitch here. So subscribe to my Twitch channel @adronhall if you want to get updates when I go live!
  2. The full unedited video will be on Youtube here. Subscribe to get updates when the stream goes live on Youtube and to be notified when they post. With each video after it is recorded I will provide a timeline of topics covered for each video that goes live on Youtube. Similar to the timeline in this session or this session.
  3. I’ll post a post-stream blog post with the stream link on Youtube, the timeline, and a write up of the code, repositories, and any other collateral that goes along with the stream session. That way everybody will have access to a quick way of getting caught back up, review streams they’ve watched, and reuse or refer to the material after the stream is over for implementation or other use.
  4. I’ll also endeavor to cut out slices of the video into smaller multiple minute segments for specific how-to videos on how I’ve put together certain things, written certain pieces of code, configured things, or otherwise useful little segments. These segments, which I don’t have an example just yet, will be somewhere around 30 seconds to less than 5 minutes. Hopefully quickly watchable and useful.

I’m looking forward to these new sessions and the collateral I’m planning to put together. It ought to be good material and I hope you find it useful. Cheers! \m/