Op & Dev Dis Sys: Determine the Future Meetups

IMG_6303 2Tonight was the Operators & Developers of Distributed Systems meetup, a meetup series brought about through a convergence of the Seattle Scalability and Cassandra Seattle Organizers.

What I’d like to know, in my efforts to assist in organization of this meetup with the team, is what would you want in future meetups. Currently I’m thinking about a mix of the following types of meetup structures.IMG_6297

First there’s the flow of the events. Would one want workshops, group coding session mixed with a presentation, presentation only, coding only, or some other type of flow to the meetup.

Second, there’s the scheduling of the events. Having a meetup, one per month, is fine. But do participants want more, less frequency, or some other type of frequency of meetups? We could shift the meetups to quarterly, or even go all wild and start a bi-weekly scheduling where once a month we have a workshop or group coding sessions, and the other part of the month we have a presentation.

Third, I’m curious what others would expect, or like to see, and what value they’d want out of a half day or full day mini-conference.

I’d love to get your input on this matter and have put together a Google forms doc here to make it easier to send some information this way regarding these ideas. Thanks for your feedback, ideas, and interest in making future meetups useful and interesting.