Thrashing Code Sessions Week 34 of 2018

In this session I talk through the issues I had previous session (but give context, so no need to re-review it) of the environment variable problems I was having. I detail how Jetbrains Rider deals with environment variables for the user session specifically versus how those are dealt with if you’re using something like Visual Studio Code and its built in terminal. After that I move on to doing some refactoring and moving toward some feature additions.

In this session my friend Jeremy joins to setup PXE boot, net install, Debian loads, configuration, Ansible, and a whole lot more to setup a network and cluster of machines for use. It’s long, but he covers a LOT of ground with plenty off tips and tricks to pick up. NOTE: the sound is rough in some places. Will try to fix that in post-production editing. No promises just yet though, just crank it to 11 in the meantime.