Let’s Talk, Even If You’re Not Qualified!


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Alright, I don’t usually do this. But I’m going to delve into the topic of a job post we’re working to fill here where I work at DataStax. Specifically it’s the DataStax Developer Advocate Role, which is important to me for a multitude of reasons, but specifically because we’d get to work together. Under most circumstances, I’d probably just let the company look and look and look for somebody, but I’m invested in this team as I really enjoy the work we do and the camaraderie that we have. With that, the position.

We’re looking for someone with a multitude of skills, but more specifically an acumen and interest in learning, exploring data and systems, and helping developers build solid systems with DataStax Enterprise. But that’s just the surface. I wrote about what I, specifically get to do as a developer advocate earlier in a post I titled “Evangelism, Advocacy, and Activism in the Technology Industry“.

The idea that you might be disqualified from the position if you don’t have a specific part of the criteria list, just get that out of your mind. If you see parts that you have, interests that match, let’s talk and see if things would work.

If you of these criteria describe what you’re up to, ping me.

  • You’ve just got out of college and haven’t touched a distributed database before, but would really like to get into distributed databases and distributed systems and tell people about what you’ve learned. Let’s talk. Ping me @Adron.
  • You were in college, but thought “meh, I’m good” and want to join the workforce and have technical chops but have been looking for a good fit for a self-starter, self-organizing type of role. Let’s talk. Ping me @Adron.
  • You’d like to work with a team to make a product better, learn about, teach people what you’ve learned, write about your experiences, and even speak about your experiences. Let’s talk. Ping me @Adron.
  • You’ve built an application in C#, or Java, or Go, or JavaScript but not really done a lot of database work but are interested in going deeper. Let’s talk. Ping me @Adron.
  • You’d like to work with a team remotely, in a position you’d get to learn a lot, experiment, and build applications to test out ideas you have about application development. Let’s talk. Ping me @Adron.
  • You’d like to work on a team that isn’t toxic, has a healthy working practice, communicates regularly and effectively, enjoys learning, teaching, and helping each other get things learned, built, and deployed! Let’s talk. Ping me @Adron.

Hopefully that portrays the idea well. Emphasis on, get in touch with me. I’d love to chat about the role if you’re interested and see if you’d like to move forward. If dev advocate isn’t what you want we’ve got a number of awesome, remote, seriously cool jobs open right now. From site reliability to engineering to sales or what not. I’m happy to get you connected to the right people, so let’s talk. Ping me @Adron.