#ML4ALL Bike Ride Details

I previously posted the map when I introduced Igor and Carol, but for reference, here it is again with some additional details!


The ride will be what I’d call a “slow ride“, which is a super chill, easy going, roll through neighborhoods on the east side of Portland, down through the hip inner south east, and then back up around the waterfront. I’ll also provide a run down of a little Portland information about it’s wonky history, the neighborhood layout (check out point 2 on the map for instance, it’s called Ladd’s Addition), the awesome bridges the city has (two are unique in north America to Portland!), and more.

In addition we’ll also make a number of stops for photos, a coffee, and prospective a beer if the crew is up for it. We’ll leave at 2pm, and wrap up at 4pm in time to swing by our respective hotels and such before the evening reception. Our starting point is shown above, it’s a little hard to see but is denoted by a green dot! Basically we’re going to start at the Bossonova Ballroom Parking Lot and depart from there.


BIKES @ Bike Town!

You may ask, but what if I don’t have a bike, I’m coming into town for this? Well, Portland has you covered! The easiest way is to pick up one of Portland’s many bike share bikes via Biketown. Which, to note, is FREE for May! To get a Biketown Bike just look for any of the orange bicycles, there’s a map on the Biketown Site too of all the stations where they’re parked, and when you download the mobile app you can see where any are nearby and easily reserve them and just go pick one up!