Putting Together Medium Lists of Mediums

Recently I tweeted this, mostly in jest of the plethora and confusion of mediums in which to publish content, but also as a kind of reminder to get things straight for myself. Then, by order of that get something written so I could tell others where I put what, and what is what that I publish. Here’s the details.

Medium — i.e. this blog, is a place where I’m going to journal about whatever and I do mean whatever. I might write about cycling, tech, coding, city planning, music, or all sorts of things. No topic is going to be off limits but the one overriding theme here is this will be off the cuff, spontaneous, quickly written and probably completely unedited content that I post. More simply, this is going to be where I write out my stream of consciousness. I have no idea, especially since this is a new effort on my behalf, how frequent it may be. I am guessing I may post 1–4 times per week.

Composite Code — This is my technical blog, with a touch of metal monday, and other things related to my technical interests and my technical work. This is mostly going to include things like conferences, meetups, and where I’ll be speaking, technical docs, write ups on how-tos with languages, tech stack deployments, site reliability engineering, and related material. I post a blog entry here about every ~10–15 days I believe. However I am working on making a much more regular post to this blog to the frequency of about 1–3 times per week.

Twitter— This is my twitter feed, it is indeed merely a twitter feed. It includes a host of tech related things, but also I engage, use it as a primary communication medium with the tech community, and sometimes ramble on about a few other random thoughts or post some solid, brutally awesome, heavy as heavy is, heavy metal. Twitter tends to be my highest volume medium in which I post things to, at about 25–30 tweets per day.

Thrashing Code News — This is my newsletter. I use this to get subscribers first details on upcoming conferences I may be involved in organizing, or conferences that I find that are must attend events. I also post some minor summaries of blog entries for the month (sometimes) and also post about upcoming meetups I’ll be speaking at or other travels out and about where we may be able to meetup, hack some code, enjoy a coffee, have a round of beer, eat, or otherwise get together and nerd on tech, code, and related things. I generally publish a new newsletter every 40–60 days. It’s very low volume!

LinkedIn — I don’t really do much here besides receive emails from tons of random recruiters who 94.6% of the time never actually read my profile, but send me stuff for jobs like “C# Code Janitor” and “Trash Fire Putter Outterer”. My real use for LinkedIn tends to boil down to two specific things: one is a place to put work and resume descriptions and such, and two I use it as an way to manage some auth and interactions. I check this about once every 4–20 days.