I’m so mad!!! My response to the fork of node.js to io.js!


I’m so mad!!!

No, actually I’m not. This is cool.

It’s so confusing! No, it’s actually not. Use your learnings and read this Node Forward and read Max’s @maxogdenWhat you need to know.” gist.

It’ll be so hard to test this and test with node.js. Not really, again, read the threads there are a million different ways that you’ll be able to setup a clean build against either while keeping both around on your dev machine. Again, repeating myself, this is cool.

Summary for Devs: This is cool. It’s not going to wreck your projects. Just read up on it and it’ll all be a most excellent journey.

Summary for Decision Makers: Read @eranhammer‘s blog post here. TLDR; is, don’t second guess your decision to go with Node.js, don’t flip out about a Node.js or io.js investment, this isn’t anything more than a healthy ecosystem at work. It’ll be cool.

5 thoughts on “I’m so mad!!! My response to the fork of node.js to io.js!

    1. I’m still not 100% sure about Dart. I like it a fair bit, but it still doesn’t seem to have a concrete enough implementation in the systems it’d be used in – i.e. in the browser(s). Until then, I doubt it takes any massive hold in the industry and sort of stays in this hybrid state of a “pre-build-code-system-to-build-the-actual-system-code-language”. That sounds nuts, but describing Dart to many people often makes one sound kind of crazy when they have to do the twists and turns to get it into production. 😉

      …as always though, I’m keeping an eye on it. 😀

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