Great New European Technology Invention

One of the things that I’ve noticed throughout Europe is this really cool invention they’ve created here called a schedule. This schedule is something that is based on another piece of technology called a clock. The clock is designed to show the passing of time, something very similar to what we in America have, except that they pay attention to this passing of time. We Americans just seem to race around it in what we call the “rat race”.

This clock progresses forward while people work, relax and interact with each other. It ticks slowly and this is where the real interesting aspect of this technology is shown. As the time passes the European people eat and enjoy each other’s company. They tell each other a particular time, that each of them will show up and greet each other. They then carry on with their day and then meet at this time and enjoy a bit of each other’s company. For some odd reason it seems we Americans just go toward each other randomly and sometimes run into each other for company. But we don’t dare actually follow or respect this passing of time.

The other use of this schedule technology, is the use in transportation. It’s so fascinating that when a schedule in Europe shows that a train will arrive at 14:29 or 9:11 the train arrives at the respective 14:29 or 9:11. The same for this schedule of departure times. It is, unlike the lack of any schedule in America, amazingly useful. It seems, we could really use such a piece of technology in the United States!

The shock of the accurate movement of peoples between places, based on these schedules and their interactions is truly amazing! I highly suggest everybody give it a try sometime!

One thought on “Great New European Technology Invention

  1. Alas, if we didn’t have share tracks as much with the BNSF stoptrein our snell train would run on time.

    Having to stop and clear customs at the Canadian / US border rather than cross at 100 mph doesn’t help my local train any. Netherlands / France border has this crossing border mastery down.

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