OSCON : Day 1, Windows Just Doesn’t Do Cloud Foundry… but, there’s a fix for that…

 The day before yesterday was day one, for me, of OSCON. I’d been out of town on business meet on Monday, so skipped out on the intro day. However the second day, my first, was a good time. There was already a good dose of “oh dear, I can’t attend ALL of the sessions I want to – BLASTED CONCURRENCY ISSUES!” problem. I was pondering the Intro to Erlang, then the backbone.js session, but in the end settled on Dr Nic’s @drnic session on how to deploy Cloud Foundry with BOSH.

Windows Just Doesn’t Do It

The first issue we ran into was actually the issue of prerequisites. About 30% of the audience was running Windows. To clarify the Windows question, there is no PaaS Solution that meets the following requirements:

– All Services Running on Windows
– Open Source Software
– Free or Cost

For those of you running Windows, the closest thing you can get – and I might add it’s a damn good solution – is Iron Foundry. But you’ll have to accept that there will still be some Linux involved for the Cloud Foundry parts that don’t run on Windows.

OSCON Ongoing

After the session I footed it over to the booths were a food & beer crawl of sorts was occurring, which I think might have been the first booth crawl, of two booth crawls. This was a good time, as the booth crawls usually are. It’s also fun seeing and learning about all the companies that are participating. Since everybody involved is ideally open sourced 100%, and most are at least a large percent open sourced, I always like hearing about the business models that are being used around the various products and services.

With that, this is day 1 coverage, I’ll leave you with a few photos of my first day:

The Chalk Art Wall o' Companies & Messages (Click for full size)
The Chalk Art Wall o’ Companies & Messages (Click for full size)
ESRI hanging out below the Samsung Sign... or is that perception?  (Click for full size)
ESRI hanging out below the Samsung Sign… or is that perception? (Click for full size)
Riot Games just before the deluge! (Click for full size)
Riot Games just before the deluge! (Click for full size)

…and with that, I’ll have a follow up post on the following days following this post. Cheers!