Polyglot Conference in Vancouver, Using Riak to Analyze, Store Data and Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

First things first – If you haven’t registered for the Polyglot Conference yet, get registered ASAP as it could sell out!

I have a workshop coming up on Friday of this week at the Vancouver BC Polyglot Conf. In addition I’ll be attending the conference itself and looking to have a lot of conversations and open spaces sessions around distributed systems, technologies, platform as a service, other *aaS and generally anything for modern, distributed, scalable architecture and systems. Hopefully I’ll get to converse with all of you about as many topics as possible  – it’s always a great time to dig into these topics at conferences like these. It’s where the real next steps in technology come from!

In the coming days before and after the workshop I’ll be blogging material I have put together for the workshop. Previously I’ve put together one blog entry on backing up distributed systems ala the Riak variety. Check it out “Backup Riak – Learning About Distributed Databases :: Issue 001“.

The Workshop, for those of you interested in surviving a Zombie Apocalypse (or just learning about Riak) can sign up still, there’s a few spaces left! Below is a the basic outline of what we’ll be touching upon. There’s a LOT more topics beyond this, but we’ll save those for open space sessions. If there’s anything specific you’d like me to cover, feel free to throw a comment on the blog and I can easily add 1-2 topics of interest if attendees would like!

  • Introducing Riak, a database designed to survive the Zombie Plague. Riak Architecture & 5 Minute History of Riak & Zombies.

Architecture deep dive:

  • Consistent Hashing, managing to track changes when your kill zone is littered with Zombies.
  • Intelligent Replication, managing your data against each of your bunkers.
  • Data Re-distribution, sometimes they overtake a bunker, how your data is re-distributed.
  • Short Erlang Introduction, a language fit for managing post-civil society.
  • Getting Erlang

Installing Riak on…

  • Ubuntu, RHEL & the Linux Variety.
  • OS-X, the only user centered computers to survive the apocolypse.
  • From source, maintained and modernized for humanities survival.
  • Upgrading Riak, when a bunker is retaken from the zomibes, it’s time to update your Riak.
  • Setting up

Devrel – A developer’s machine w/ Riak – how to manage without zombie bunkers.

  • 5 nodes, a basic cluster
  • Operating Riak
  • Starting, stopping, and restarting
  • Scaling up & out
  • Managing uptime & data integrity
  • Accessing & writing data

Polyglot client libraries

  • JavaScript/Node.js & Erlang for the zombie curing mad scientists.
  • C#/.NET & Java for the zombie creating corporations.
  • Others, for those trying to just survive the zombie apocolypse.