Who is Node PDX for? Who should attend? What’s going on? Where are we at?

Node PDX is a conference that is for programmers (ticket link below!!) both new to the industry and stalwarts, ladies and gentlemen, and simply the curious or already seasoned pros of JavaScript. Our goal is to have great speakers, great topics, encourage and support intelligent and forward thinking conversation. All of this and we’ll strive to move the industry forward as a whole in whatever way we can. Node PDX is for those that want to help do just that!

What is Node PDX? What is Portland?

Node PDX is a conference held yearly in Portland, Oregon. It’s driven by the passionate tech industry located in Portland and around the country and world. At the conference we’ll dive into technologies surrounding JavaScript, Node.js, NPM, hardware and beyond. Other topics may include patterns, design practices, new libraries, and technology add ons.

Portland is a coder’s paradise! Nuff’ said. 🙂

Where is Node PDX?

PDX is the airport code for Portland, Oregon. It’s not at the airport, but if you fly in to our fair city for Node PDX, take the light rail Red Line MAX to downtown and enjoy our coffee, beer and some of the finest food and the most amazing cart collections you’ve ever seen in your life. Promise!

If you’ve never heard of Portland, Oregon here’s a documentary starter…

When is Node PDX?

First off, it’s going to be every year. This year, the grand year of two thousand and thirteen, is going to be on the 16th and 17th of May. That’s a Thursday and Friday on the 3rd week of the fifth month of 2013. Come for Thursday or Friday or Thursday and Friday and enjoy the weekend afterwards. However you pick your days, we hope you come and join us for Node PDX 2013 on May 16-17, 2013.

Why Node PDX?

This is easy. Node PDX is a conference that Troy Howard and I put together out of a frustration from two things: we wanted a conference without the high prices and had a desire to contribute to the local JavaScript and Node.js community, and any other interested coder community. Thus, Node PDX was born in a few quick weeks of hectic hustle. This year we’re back at it with Luc Perkins hacking the program along with us.

Node PDX, How is This Happening?

Mostly magic, with the help of some druids and unicorns. But for some of the heavy lifting we’re looking for sponsors, but we’re throwing an interesting little twists into the fray.

Last year we worked hard to be inclusive and bring together great talks. We did this in a various ways. The first was, we used a Github repository for the site and pull requests as the method to submit talks. We figured, what better way to submit a talk to a developer’s conference than to throw down a commit and pull request to Github. Needless to say, it worked great!

In 2012 to insure we had proper party groove and vittles for the attendees we had volunteers throw down some chef skills and some great sponsors including New Relic, Mozilla and others. This year we’re aiming for a slightly different angle and putting a little more crowd sourcing into the ingredient list.

So here’s how you can get involved!

  • First and foremost: Come to Node PDX – Get your tickets here!!  Oh yeah, there’s a 200 limit, and only so many early birds so do NOT wait!!  🙂
  • Second, throw a talk into the mix! We’ve got two tracks lined up so we’re looking for a lot of material, beginner to advanced!

That’s it! To keep up with the latest, subscribe to my blog here and/or read up on the Node PDX Site! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Portland (even if we see you in Portland every day!)  Cheers!