Portland, Oregon :: Riak Office Hours @ Nedspace

Today, albeit by obliviousness to the holiday, had scheduled “Riak Office Hours” at NedSpace today. Even with the holiday, we had a great turn out. Generally Office Hours & Open Hack type of meets are small, often 2-5 people. Today we had a whopping 10 people turn out!

Open Ended Topics

Each meet we have a variety of topics, from a tutorial on getting started with Riak to discussion around using Riak or Redis to cache data for Riak distributed across geographic regions.

Dark Horse Comics, read them in digital format or original formula, They ROCK!!

In the case today, we dove into the finer nuances of Dark Horse Comics and how their mobile apps use data across caching, tiered access, and on server and on mobile synchronization across the web application. All very interesting and provides insights not to just one person or team, but to anybody and everybody there involved in the conversations. There are lots of solutions to be had, the real problem is just getting to the right one.

Next to bat Ed Borasky, Github @znmeb and Twitter @znmeb and I discussed “Hacks & Hackers”. Ed works a lot these days with Node.js, all sorts of databases, and media collateral. He’s often found digging through data and will soon be digging through some Riak experimentation. For more on Ed’s work and efforts, check out Computational Journalism Publishers Workbench.

Riak Office Hours, Part III

The next Riak Office Hours is coming up on March 4th. To check it out, please RSVP, and even if you can’t make the office hours feel free to join the group to stay abreast of upcoming meetups, presentations, workshops or other events in Portland related to data, data science, distributed computing, Riak, Basho, Erlang, web machine and software in general. We have a good time and look forward to you joining the group. Cheers!

…and now back for my deluge of Erlang, Riak, C#, Node.js + JavaScript and whatever else…