RICON Hits the Airwaves

This last week has been a bit more exciting for a number of reasons than I expected and dragged out for a few other reasons. (shakes fist in air with frustration!)

RICON|East lands in New York City!

Last year, well before I was working for Basho, I signed up for RICON in San Francisco. RICON is a conference with the key intellects behind distributed computing, such as Eric Brewer (he’s slightly involved with that CAP Theorem) and many others. You can even get a taste of the conference since the presentations are online and available to watch anytime you’d like to. For this year in New York City we already have some great speakers lined up and more to come!

2013 Speakers as of now…  (stay tuned for more)

Camille Fournier @skamille – VP of Technical Architecture at Rent The Runway blogs at Elided Branches

Camille is going to provide attendees with some serious Apache ZooKeeper knowledge. She’s, as stated, VP of Technical Architecture at Rent the Runway. Rent the Runway is a NYC-based eCommerce startup that rents designer dresses and accessories. They operate systems that support a business with a unique combination of challenges, from those related to product discovery, to those related to reservation booking and pricing, to a warehouse fulfillment system that handles 100% returns.

The ZooKeeper topic I’ll leave entirely for her to fill you in on! So, among all the others, another talk you’ll want to come to RICON to hear!

Sean Cribbs @seancribbs – Software Engineer at Basho Technologies

Sean blogs at seancribbs, which sounds a bit redundant, but hey… he gets down to the business of writing about some really insightful things. We’re fortunate at Basho to have him hacking away on projects, and super stoked to be working along side him! One of his latest posts “Property Driven Grammer Development” is seriously worth a read. Be sure to check out Sean’s Github and come gain gray matter activity while Sean lays down some brain power.

Kyle Kingsbury @aphyr – Member of Technical Set => {A | A ∉ A}, blogs at Aphyr

Riot starter Kyle is coming back to RICON East. Last year Kyle brought some fire to the RICON Conference and this time he’ll bring some fire in full presentation format this time. I’m looking forward to hearing about whatever he’s going to enlighten us about. Cheers Kyle, welcome to the speaker line up!

Neha Nerula @neha – blog at Transient Neha

Neha is currently a PhD Student at MIT, but has serious cred from working at Digg & Google. She’ll have some content you’ll want to give an attentive listen to! Even though she’s not so transient, she’s been to more than a few cities to work in. Currently she’s at MIT and has worked on the Intelligence Initiative, BFlow, Intrusion Recovery for Database-backed Web Application, and a host of other papers and other projects.

The team is moving so fast, there’s more speakers announced already, and I’ll be giving a portfolio to each of them as they’re announced and as fast as I can type!

As for an example of what RICON is like, here’s a few of the videos from 2012 that I really enjoyed…

2012 Talks

Pattern of Innovation: Riak Usage at BestBuy.com – Joel Crabb, RICON2012 from Basho Technologies on Vimeo.

Keep CALM and Query On – Joe Hellerstein, RICON2012 from Basho Technologies on Vimeo.

Advancing Distributed Systems – Eric Brewer, RICON2012 from Basho Technologies on Vimeo.

Riak in the Cloud – Ines Sombra and Michael Brodhead, RICON2012 from Basho Technologies on Vimeo.