Riak, Yokozuna, Node.js & Easy 9’s

The inaugural Riak Meetup kicks off tomorrow at 7:00pm. The crew at AppFog will be hosting the meetup, with several of the Basho team coming into town with two talks:

  • 7:15pm – Eric Redmond @coderoshi will present “Next Generation Searching with Yokozuna. Riak Search was created to expand Riak’s query options.  It’s worked well enough the past couple years, but it’s time to move forward. Yokozuna is the next generation of Riak search, built on the solid Distributed Solr platform. We’ll see a preview of what Yokozuna does, what it’s going to do, and how that’s a marked improvement from the existing Riak Search.
  • 8:00pm – Nathan Äschbacher, developer at Coradine, will present “Riak & Node.js: The Hunt for Cheap, Easy Nines. Portland-based Coradine makes an innovative aviation application that helps pilots the world over. Riak will power the next generation of apps and services coming out of Coradine. Nathan Äschbacher, developer at Coradine, will take you through:
    • A quick history of our experience with Riak
    • How it came to be we opted to use it at Coradine
    • Some of the known hurdles we were going to have to overcome (like cloud deployment)
    • Some of the development issues we’ve encountered
    • Why Node.js was a good fit for us and interfacing with Riak
    • Abandoning Redis in favor of Riak Memory-store for caching and 2i

So if you’re into airplanes, data, big and small, giant 9’s or other technical aspects around data storage and the respective distributed systems that enable advancements in this technology, come down to AppFog this Monday and check out these presentations.