Naked Portland Techster, Pizza & PaaS with CloudFoundry and MORE!

Is that an attention getting headline or what!!  SNAP!

But I digress. Let’s hit on each of those topics. The first thing, is that everybody and anybody in the Seattle Metropolitan area should head out to Bellevue and have Pizza and talk PaaS with myself and others at Tier 3. We’re going to show some Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Java, and ASP.NET MVC Demoes running on Cloud Foundry & Iron Foundry, how they interoperate and answer any questions that come up.

We’ll all of course eat some pizza too!  🙂

So swing over to Tier 3 on the 25th and check out the latest Cloud Foundry PaaS Software and Iron Foundry .NET Extensions for Cloud Foundry.

Naked Portland Techster ( I just couldn’t help writing a little something about this… )

A techster got “checked” by the TSA exactly like they seem to want everybody. Nude. He gave em’ exactly what they wanted by stripping down right there in the airport. Ironic how sometimes, people don’t want what they ask for. hmmmm…  anyway.

The More… Part.

Late this week I’ve got a cool write up of how and why I’ve setup my workspace the way I have. Lots of gadgets. After that I’ll be hitting the “OS-X Development Environment vs. Windows 7 Development Environment” review. Again, there will be gadgets and software gadgets.  Until then, cheers!