#NodePDX Wrap Up, Requests, and Thoughts

First things first, I want to make sure EVERYBODY gets a shirt that is good n’ proper for them! So ladies and gentlemen, if you did not get a Node PDX T-shirt please e-mail me (‘adronhall’ at gmail) and I will make sure in the coming weeks you get a Node PDX shirt!. Be sure to tell everyone how awesome the conference was, and come this time next year, we’ll have an even bigger conference of node.js awesomeness (plus even some new surprises that I promise you’ll like).

Until Next Time…

Be sure to stay in touch, if anyone has links, references, projects, or other things feel free to e-mail me as I’ll be doing a lot of Node.js Blogging.

Also, we’ve already started plotting the next conference and will be working to set it up a little different. Namely we’ll get a space that can accomodate 100 people a little better, and maybe structure variations in tracks, multiple tracks, a little more open space, and other things. Matter of fact, if you have any ideas at all, send those my way too or even feel free e-mail me or just jump into organizing (I’ll have more information about that in the very near future).

Over the next few days I’ll be collecting all of the links for the presentations, videos, and other items form the conference. I’ll have a blog entry coming here, with those, and will also – please help me out if anybody sees any other write ups – post any write up links here.

Again, thanks to everyone for coming and helping to make this a great time!