Eric Redmond to Present “A CouchDB, Neo4j, Redis, and Node.JS Circus” @ #NodePDX

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Eric is going to get you pumped up about NoSQL, and depoying to NodeSQL, CouchDB, Neo4j, Redis, and maybe another solution or two! So buckle your big data belts on, this is gonna get huge. From Eric,

NoSQL databases are fun, and we’ve all wired up a Node.js project to use one. But what about two?

What about *three*?

That’s what’s on the docket for this talk. We’ll do **all the things**:

– Walk through a (very) quick intro on CouchDB, Neo4j, and Redis.
– Then learn how to interact with these very different databases using Node.js.
– Then wire them up into a single web application (using Bricks.js, for good measure)
– Write it all in CoffeeScript… *buzzword overload!!!*

If you do not walk out of this talk excited and maybe a little confused, I will have failed.

Eric Redmond
Eric Redmond

Eric describes himself as, “I work at MongoHQ and has spent the last 17 years writing a book on databases (seemingly). I also just might be the world’s most over-educated and under-qualified marketing directors.” <- His words, I’d never say such a thing about him.

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