PaaS Help! Know any PaaS Providers?

I’ve been diligent and started a search of Platform as a Service Providers, so far my list includes:

  • EngineYard
  • Heroku
  • AWS Beanstalk
  • Windows Azure
  • AppFog
  • Tier3
  • CloudFoundry
  • OpenShift
  • IBM PaaS
  • Google App Engine
  • CloudBees

Who else is there? Help me out in creating a list of every possible offering we can find!  Cheers! Please leave a comment or three below with any I’ve missed.  Thanks!

7 thoughts on “PaaS Help! Know any PaaS Providers?

  1. PhpFog could be counted, but it is or was what AppFog is now, but sort of still exists.

  2. Apprenda
    Cloud Foundry
    CodeRun – an Online Development Platform
    CumuLogic PaaS
    GigaSpaces Cloudify
    Google App Engine
    GridGain – Java-based Open Cloud Platform
    LongJump PaaS (Platform as a Service)
    NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform
    OpenShift from Red Hat Cloud
    Stackato (by ActiveState)
    Wolf Frameworks Cloud Computing Platform

  3. Adron, After your post, I asked Fancy Hands ( to go get a list for me. Here is their list:

    Google – Google App Engine
    Microsoft – Azure, C#, Java, PHP, Ruby –
    Orangescape – Cross-Cloud PaaS
    Redhat – Openshift
    ActiveState Stackato – multi-Perl, Python extensions to CloudFoundry
    Amazon Beanstalk – Java
    AppHarbor- NET Platform
    Apprenda SaaSGrid – .NET production
    Cast – multi
    CloudBees – Java
    CloudControl – PHP
    CloudFoundry – multi
    Cumulogic – Java
    Deployinator – multi
    DotCloud Y – multi
    Echolibre Orchestra – PHP
    Engine Yard – Ruby on Rails
    Google AppEngine – Java, Python
    Heirloom Computing Elpaas – COBOL, CICS
    IBM Workload Deployer – Java
    Longjump PaaS – Java
    Mendix – Java
    Mule iON- Java
    Nodejitsu – Node.js
    Nodester – Node.js
    OrangeScape – graphical
    PhpFog – PHP private beta
    Salesforce Heroku (Ruby) – Ruby on Rails
    Salesforce Heroku (Node.js) – Node.js
    Wolf Frameworks – graphical
    WSO2 Stratos – Java beta

    Hope it helps.

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