PaaS Help! Know any PaaS Providers?

I’ve been diligent and started a search of Platform as a Service Providers, so far my list includes:

  • EngineYard
  • Heroku
  • AWS Beanstalk
  • Windows Azure
  • AppFog
  • Tier3
  • CloudFoundry
  • OpenShift
  • IBM PaaS
  • Google App Engine
  • CloudBees

Who else is there? Help me out in creating a list of every possible offering we can find!  Cheers! Please leave a comment or three below with any I’ve missed.  Thanks!

7 thoughts on “PaaS Help! Know any PaaS Providers?

  1. Nesovisian Link

    Cloud Foundry
    CodeRun – an Online Development Platform
    CumuLogic PaaS
    GigaSpaces Cloudify
    Google App Engine
    GridGain – Java-based Open Cloud Platform
    LongJump PaaS (Platform as a Service)
    NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform
    OpenShift from Red Hat Cloud
    Stackato (by ActiveState)
    Wolf Frameworks Cloud Computing Platform

  2. Krish (@krishnan)

    Adron, After your post, I asked Fancy Hands ( to go get a list for me. Here is their list:

    Google – Google App Engine
    Microsoft – Azure, C#, Java, PHP, Ruby –
    Orangescape – Cross-Cloud PaaS
    Redhat – Openshift
    ActiveState Stackato – multi-Perl, Python extensions to CloudFoundry
    Amazon Beanstalk – Java
    AppHarbor- NET Platform
    Apprenda SaaSGrid – .NET production
    Cast – multi
    CloudBees – Java
    CloudControl – PHP
    CloudFoundry – multi
    Cumulogic – Java
    Deployinator – multi
    DotCloud Y – multi
    Echolibre Orchestra – PHP
    Engine Yard – Ruby on Rails
    Google AppEngine – Java, Python
    Heirloom Computing Elpaas – COBOL, CICS
    IBM Workload Deployer – Java
    Longjump PaaS – Java
    Mendix – Java
    Mule iON- Java
    Nodejitsu – Node.js
    Nodester – Node.js
    OrangeScape – graphical
    PhpFog – PHP private beta
    Salesforce Heroku (Ruby) – Ruby on Rails
    Salesforce Heroku (Node.js) – Node.js
    Wolf Frameworks – graphical
    WSO2 Stratos – Java beta

    Hope it helps.

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