Chrome OS-X Shortcuts for Developers/Coders

I’d been procrastinating finding most of these, just clicking with the mouse/pointer which is slow. When I’m developing code however, using the mouse/pointer just adds up more and more over time. So here’s the shortcut keys to git’r done!  🙂
  • ⌘-Option-I Opens Developer Tools.
  • ⌘-Option-J Opens the JavaScript Console.
  • ⌘-Option-U Opens the source of your current page.
  • ⌘-0 Sets the zoom back to the default
  • ⌘-+ Zooms in the page.
  • ⌘– Zooms out the page.
  • ⌘-W Closes the current tab.
  • ⌘-R Reloads the current page.
  • ⌘-F Search for content within the current page.
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