Enough With the Cartoons, Time for Business

A lot has been going on lately and I’m still working diligently to get caught up from all the meet ups, hackath0ns, off the cuff dev sessions, conferences, and more! Truly chaos, but a lot of fun chaos.

I’ve also been working with NW Cloud to organize things here in the great north west! From Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and more. If it has to do with cloud computing and events, we’re probably connected in some way. So be sure to check out the NW Cloud Blog and also follow the @NWCloud Twitter account.

In other user group news, SAWSUG (http://www.sawsug.com) or “Seattle AWS User Group” is also coming under the NW Cloud umbrella.  So to check out upcoming SAWSUG meetings we’ll be setting up event listings in most of the regular places (meetup, eventbrite, etc) but the main listing and updates will be on the NW Cloud Site.  For SAWSUG we do have a specific twitter account though at @SAWSUG – so go, sign up, get the RSS and be sure to follow our @NWCloud and @SAWSUG Twitter Accounts.

As for other unrelated events and such… 

Mobile App Hackathon (Redmond)

I’m not going to be making this personally, but if you’re into mobile app dev you should check it out.  This is put on by AT&T with guests like Apigee, so it should be a great time.


I have an ad over to the right. I generally won’t post any ads, but this is for OSS and OSCON just isn’t really distractive from the core content I post here. It seemed like it would work out just fine to mix in with my regular array of things. If you’re going to OSCON, I’ll be there the whole week; coding, writing, and hanging out around town. So ping me via Twitter (@adronbh) and we’ll hook up for a round of beer, a coffee, or whatever we may.