Just Another Day At the Office, Doh!

Since it is ALMOST Firday, I figured I’d post a chat log speaks for itself…

1:49PM Rittlecakes, Berintz copy this link and spend the time to watch it when you get a chance….

1:49PM Lovingz, Stool #FAIL

1:49PM Yeh Doi link?

1:49PM Rove, Spunky yo no se

1:49PM Sirhc Mlohojs It’s the emperor’s new link!

1:49PM Yeh Doi Link from Zelda?

1:50PM Rittlecakes, Berintz http://mitworld.mit.edu/video/643
^^ damnit! i was putting it in an email too

1:51PM Sirhc Mlohojs http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_KW3S0od5s5U/TD3ndpCj1ZI/AAAAAAAAEzQ/ySZxLlZKqUQ/s1600/link13.jpg

1:51PM Lovingz, Stool Since Berintz did not provide a link, here’s a link to a monkey riding on a pig.

1:51PM Rittlecakes, Berintz I provided a link damnit!

1:51PM Sirhc Mlohojs So did I!

1:51PM Rittlecakes, Berintz but i am going to watch this still

1:51PM Lovingz, Stool My link is better.
Since Berintz ‘s link is boring, here is a chimpanzee riding on a Segway. With music! Turn it up!

1:53PM Dosin Manzi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSEyjjDOgDY

1:53PM Rittlecakes, Berintz zoinks!!!! damnit!

1:53PM Lovingz, Stool I can hear it!

1:54PM Dosin Manzi bam bbbbbbb bam bam

1:55PM Sirhc Mlohojs OK if you want something truly inspiring, here’s a fishing video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3Bf0WhvsNk

1:56PM Yeh Doi working now

1:56PM Dosin Manzi whats working you?

2:01PM Yeh Doi your mom

2:01PM Dosin Manzi not funny. my mom is dead, you monster.

2:02PM Yeh Doi
sorry man
I meant Berintz ‘s mom
ok I’m done

2:02PM Si Si Sayi’m appalled…

2:02PM Yeh Doi *ding!*

2:03PM Rittlecakes, Berintz ohh… My Mom is crazy… its ok

2:03PM Dosin Manzi APPALLLED!

2:03PM Rittlecakes, Berintz Applaud?

2:04PM Yeh Doi

2:04PM Rittlecakes, Berintz look its global

2:04PM Pervaiz, Sumairjeff, did not you say u’re done

2:05PM Rittlecakes, Berintz did you guys watch the video yet?

2:05PM Sirhc Mlohojs The 54 minute video?

2:05PM Rittlecakes, Berintz ne ways… you should… its really good


NOTE – The video to watch is: http://mitworld.mit.edu/video/643 and it is actually rather inspiring!