Holy Sh@#! Did You See What That Program Does!!!!!!

Have you ever worked for a startup? A successful startup? Have you ever seen the excitement in a startup meeting, hackathon, or other event were an idea starts to come to fruition! When the users of the startup’s application finally see it and start getting excited? Have you seen when people get so excited because you are about to CHANGE THEIR LIVES FOREVER?

Startups are crazy exciting. However startups can also be death marches of pain and anguish. It’s up to an individual to be careful about joining startups, to know the people involved and the leaders. It is up to the individual getting involved to make sure the owners of the effort are on track and heading in the right direction! It can be extremely stressful just deciding to get a startup kicked off!

I’ve been working with a number of people and volunteering ideas and efforts to startups lately. If for one single reason I get involved with startups, is because of the excitement! It is something not felt in any other industry ever. The entrepreneurial stress and excitement is unmeasurable!

So, Why Am I Rambling About Startups?

I’m rambling on about startups because it is that time of the cycle again in the tech sector. The excitement is contagious! The ideas are flowing and slowly but steadily being implemented. Many ideas are horrible, but there are the gems that will create new jobs, simplify lives, enable people to do more with less, and in the end make everybody’s lives better. I’d like to just encourage people to look past the technology, past the in religious conflict of Emacs vs. Vim, and jump on board some of this excitement. Get in the battle to succeed and bring change, sometimes by force! Be disruptive and cause those that don’t want change to get pushed aside so that our day to day gets better!

…and keep in mind that being a developer you are one of the most valuable parts of this entire effort. You have the ability to enable massive and disruptive change and create a better future. Sometimes it is slow, sometimes it seems to grind along, but we developers are the movers of the world these days! Make that change!