Infrastructure Updates

A few updates on the infrastructure project I’ve been putting together on at github/infrastructure.

Javascript Enabling TDD

First steps toward enabling TDD Javascript by adding QUnit.  Now that the framework is available, I’ll have it added to the next template update.


I will at some point have a blog entry put together and published on how I put this together.  It is a simple implementation of globalization, and will also be in the next template version.

Fizzware NBuilder, CSS Templates, NHibernate, FluentMigrator, and other bits

These parts have been added via Nuget, however, I haven’t determined the ideal way to include the includes (see what I did there!).  For the next template though, I’m going to make a command decision and have that implemented for the template.  Either a scripted Nuget install, inclusion of the assemblies, or otherwise.