Egads! This Week Has Been a Complete Failure!!!

Aaaaaaggghhh!! I just want to scream. I can’t though because I’m still recovering from a crazy flu/cold/allergy attack like I’ve not had since I lived in the deep south were the pollen piles up so deep a black car looks yellow during season changes! The powdery mess would knock me out every other year when I was younger.

Well, here in Seattle, travelling down for the Agile Open Northwest Conference I at some point got nailed with the combo attack again. I’ve been out of commission and thus have failed to put together the entries I’d hoped for on Agile Open Northwest (#AONW from here on) and also didn’t meet my original release date of the 11th for my third in a series of Windows Azure Posts. Fear not, they’re on their way, all of em’. Even though I didn’t get to attend the later 2/3rd’s of #AONW I’m putting together what I’ve accrued from what attendance I did make and what my cohorts managed to put together.  Overall, the part I attended and the rest I hear about was awesome!  Will definitely be returning next year!!!

Again, thanks to Amtrak for getting me back swiftly and in one piece. (No fear, I wasn’t contagious, just beaten up by allergies!)