Recent Readings

I’ve been catching up on blogs lately & reading a few books, the technical type, as one might imagine. To collect my thoughts I decided to have a sit down and write up a little bit on each of the entries & books I’ve found notable. Here’s the recap.

When I read this, I almost lost my temper before I even got to reading the blog entry.  But I did and it turned out a good read.  Phil & team are trying out some new approaches for the NuGet Project to see if they can increase quality & efficiencies of the product and project.  You’ll have to give it a read to see how much he really hates Lean.  😉

Bobby is doing these visits in the spirit of Corey Haines Journeyman Tours.  I’ve got a ton of respect for anyone that can coordinate time & effort to do this.  The amount of learning, open mindedness, and other characteristics are high on my list of awesome.  Cheers to your visit to Getty Bobby, it was good reading about your experience.  I must say, one of my favorite bits is the picture you got of the technical debt kanban.  Absolutely great idea!

Anyway that is all I’ve got for now.  Will probably do another wrap up sometime later in the week.  Until then, cheers!