Opera Just Keeps Leading

I’ll admit Chrome has really cleaned up browsers and Chrome & Opera have easily led the revolution in making browsing FAST again.  With Javascript execution smoking the competition (Opera smoking the competition for years now) and rendering that is pretty damn perfect.  IE has of course been a thorn pushing developers to build things that aren’t standards comliant, but with IE 9 actually meeting standards then that just means Chrome & Opera can focus on moving the industry forward with new creative solutions to browsing & using the Internet.  Throw in Firefox as they move forward and we’ll see advancements that haven’t happened since the heyday of the late 90s & early 21st Century.

I’m looking forward to seeing what advancements these browser companies put forward, and even the IE users can look forward to IE implementing the changes now that Microsoft isn’t busy distracting the web world with all that IE6 destructive nonsense.  I’m glad to see IE9 join the web world & start chasing the leading browsers.  Good job all!