IE9 Pinning for WordPress

I decided, contrary to my last few years of experiences, that I should give IE9 a go.  Especially after seeing the pinning capabilities for WordPress.  I must say the IE9 pinning feature is pretty awesome.  Is it enough to make me switch?  Well, I’ll roll through some of the awesomeness of the pinning features and then lay out the yes and nos.

IE9 Pinning for WordPress
IE9 Pinning for WordPress

I’ll hit on each of the red arrows from top to bottom.

The first red arrow, just at the tip pointing at the tab shows the favicon.ico missing.  That’s probably the only bug I’ve seen with IE9 related to WordPress Pinning so far, and really it isn’t related.  But I thought I’d point it out regardless.

The far upper left has the site icon (which should be the favicon.ico also).  The second arrow beside that one points at the navigate back to the main blog that is related to the login arrow I put in the middle of the page that is related to me having clicked on the Blog States menu option of the pinned menu that the second to last red arrow points to.  <- That one was hard to follow eh!  😉   It’s the Friday challenge is what that was.

So then at the very bottom, pinned to the Windows 7 Start Bar is the C# Icon that I use for the my Composite Code Blog (that you’re reading).

Now as for the question, “Would this make me switch?”  Nope, not at all.  The IE9 beta has already had enough issues at this point that I’m definitely sticking with Chrome.  Also there are a few Chrome features that I will not do without for my regular work with all the SaaS Applications I use;

  • Tabs that are very fast, use minimal ram, and don’t “cease to exist” or “crash” as IE9 tabs currently do.
  • Sync my bookmarks across all installations of Chrome on any system anywhere.  Chrome has that, haven’t found it on IE9, or Firefox yet.  Maybe there is an add-on, but since Chrome has it, I haven’t found any reason to look for it.
  • Performance that currently is incomparable in the JavaScript, HTML & CSS rendering, and related features.  Nothing touches Chrome right now for the sights I use a lot.  For social media sites it is flawless in execution.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter, etc.  Chrome is blazing fast.  On sites that have tons and tons of AJAX calls and JavaScript to execute, even more flawless.

So overall, GREAT feature that as far as I can tell, the IE9 team created.  Great job!  But I still expect more at this point, so we shall see come time for the full release.

NOTE to Microsoft Marketing:  Just get rid of the version number.  Chrome has done this perfectly.  The updates are seem-less and far as I can tell the update mechanism is even Microsoft Technology (at least on the Windows install).  This is something that Internet Explorer should absolutely imitate!  🙂

Anyway, just wanted to publish a nice simple Friday blog entry.  Fini.