Windows Phone 7 Calendar Control

I’ve been doing some Windows Phone 7 development and research into what is and is not available in the beta.  A fellow coworker of mine and I stumbled upon the sad realization that there isn’t a calendar control at this time!  Is this really true Windows Phone 7 team!?!?

Even Bing says no control.  🙁

Windows Phone 7 Calendar Control Search Results
Windows Phone 7 Calendar Control Search Results

Does anyone else out there in the blogosphere or twitterverse know if there is something available, or that may be available very soon?

This is something that absolutely needs to be in the RTP of the Windows Phone 7 SDK when it is released, and am honestly surprised it isn’t available now.

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  1. It would seem to me if you want to beat Google with Bing you should really be pushing integration.

    I mean pretty much every Google account service I have automatically links to my Android phone. When I input a new contact and add their email, Android automatically finds any other ways I might want to connect with them (Facebook, Twitter, gChat etc) and links those into the contact.

    When I add an event to my calendar widget on one of my home screens it automatically syncs with my Google calendar.

    Sounds like maybe MS is dragging on their mobile platform integration. I assume this kind of thing is what you’re referring to, of course.

    1. …well, yeah, from a larger strategic relevancy true. I simply just want a good solid calendar control that I can use for Windows Phone 7 Development. 🙂

  2. Any news on the Calendar Control? I have a need to insert calendar events as well. Any information you’ve found would be appreciated.

    1. So far I’ve heard or seen zilch. I’m not sure there will be one with the v1 release of the SDK.

  3. …latest update.

    Still nothing from Microsoft. I’m not sure of the status of this. I do know they’re intending a refresh shortly after the phone is released – but not telling what will or will not be in the SDK then. 🙁

  4. I’m also looking for MS Calendar control for WP7, same as we use in previous MS technologies…”DateTimePicker” control.

    1. I’ve since called it a day, it would be nice to see a control released but it doesn’t seem to be high priority for Microsoft. I’d check to see what the status of 3rd party controls is. Maybe Tellerik or something?

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