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I was reading through a great write up on the Windows Phone 7 over at Engadget when this section really jumped out at me.  I quote directly from the source here,

“We knew this would be the case given what we heard at MIX10, but it doesn’t stink any less now. The former really doesn’t make any sense to us, especially since Microsoft did a good job of nailing text editing and selection (at least in Word, and really… you guys make Word), and it looks like it would only be a short walk to a contextual pop-over for copy and paste functions. The latter is practically inexcusable in this day and age — even Apple (which has been a complete laggard in this area) now supports basic multitasking. When we heard in our meeting with Microsoft that the phone wouldn’t even support something as simple as Pandora background streaming, our minds were a little blown. It’s doubly irritating given the fact that just like in iPhone 1.0, the first-party apps are free to background all they want (mail loads, the browser pulls down pages, music plays in the background, etc.), so there isn’t any technical reason why they couldn’t extend some of this functionality to other applications. We’re hoping that by some magical twist of fate these two items get addressed before launch… but we’re not holding our breath.”

I’m all about the Windows Phone 7, the interface, the features, the possiblities of a cleaner, easier to develop against phone is really high on my “Cool to Have” list.  But no multi-tasking (at all, is there a background something?), and no out of box copy and paste is a really really bad idea on behalf of the phone’s release.  Windows Phone 7 should have EVERY feature of any iPhone plus more – because it is entirely feasible to do so.  But I too, am not holding my breath.

The other crux I noticed in the article is a lack of background streaming support for apps like Pandora?  I could have sworn that I saw it was supported, but now am reading it isn’t.  That could be a purchase killer for me, i.e. no phone until I get streaming music – PERIOD.

I’m curious if anyone else has heard good bits, bad bits, or otherwise in relation to the Windows Phone 7.  Ping me in the comments, via Facebook (my page), Twitter (@adronbh) or what have you.

2 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 Thoughts

  1. Loving multi-tasking on my Evo. Stoked to get Froyo this week. Seems like if you want real multi-tasking Android is your only option.

    1. Yeah, your Evo is sick awesome. Makes iPhones look…

      …well, antiquated at best. Especially that GPS mapping functionality – CRAZY impressive.

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