Respectable Behavior

I’ve always pondered good interactions from other developers.  What makes it easy, or not so easy, to work with another developer?  Here’s a few of my thoughts on these engineering types.

The Uber Ego Engineer.  Just be curious and interested in the work if you are or aren’t really well versed in something.  The last thing any engineer likes is the know it all engineer.  Fortunately I’ve not run into too many of these in my career.

The Energy Engineer.  I like to work with other engineers, and other people in general, that have an energy and look forward to their day.  Sometimes however an engineer can overdo the energy.  The excessive bouncing about, ADHD style approaches to software engineering can be very stressful on those around you.  So to those energy based coders, just settle into a Prozac just for a bit.  Thanks!

The the Doldrums Engineer.  This engineer that just can’t find a single thing right in the world.  It’s always sunnier somewhere else, the code isn’t right, the build builds but shouldn’t type is one of the most frustrating engineers to work with.  I can do it, and usually can find a way or two to snap them out of the doldrums, but it takes a huge effort.

That’s it from me for the moment.  What engineers do you know of that are good cohorts (or bad)?

2 thoughts on “Respectable Behavior

  1. how about the “Waiting for you to shut up and is it 5 o’clock yet developer”?

    Drives me nuts when I am trying to explain something to someone and I can see in their eyes they just don’t give a crap and are just waiting for me to quit talking. Same goes for the dev who only works on work code from 8:00AM – exactly 5:00PM and has no interest in anything else and refuses to work outside those hours as well.

  2. Hahahaa, yeah. Those hard core time types are very frustrating. Drives me nuts too the “exactly 8am or 9am and out the door at exactly 5pm”. A little flexibility goes a LONG way for team cohesion.

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