Clear Review

I tried Clear about a year ago and I had some issues with it.  Speed, connectivity, and a number of other things just were not really there for me.  However, I am trying it again, and so far I have some better things to say this time around.

The first thing, is that the speed is more consistent.  I’m pulling down downloads over 4G WiMAX at a fairly steady speed.  Pulling out the old site I got the following speed ratings.  Download 3.23Mb/s and 0.7 Mb/s upload from Vegas test point, and 3.53 Mb/s download from Grants Pass, OR.  For Portland I got a 4.05 Mb/s download and 0.81 Mb/s upload.  Very nice.

Latency is another fine improvement.  I have been getting a consistent 50-300ms latency response, compared to the rather wretched latency (1200+ sometimes) I get from regular wifi in a coffee shop or Comcast.  I have been seriously impressed by this rating.

I have tried doing a bit of work with Clear on the transit also, and so far it has been more consistent than my last review.  I have not gotten dropped once under normal travel conditions.  When travelling through a tunnel, heavy storm conditions, and those types of scenarios there has been loss of communication, but overall that is expected.

At this time, I reverse my last review standing to a thumbs up, get it.