Techie Land Silly Questions as Promised with My 2 Cents

Last week I posted the "Techie Land Silly Questions" and promised a response.  So here it is.

Question #1:  If you did not have to work, had a few dollars stashed away so that you could live comfortably and do whatever you wanted, what would you do?  Would you still code?  Would you still create?  What would you create?  Would you be able to stay idle?

I would create fun SaaS style web apps running in the cloud.  Probably a few phone apps too.  If I made tons of extra money, ya!  If not, oh well.

I would also setup time to drift, hard core style, probably own at least 2-3 S13s, 1 370Z for road trips, and possibly either an R34 or R35 GT-R for time attacks.  The catch of course is IF there was that much money to live on.

The other bits would be to, if possible, have a country house far away from others in a tranquil and awesome place were I could think and be away from the world once in a while.  The other would be to have a modest, 1000-1400 sq ft loft or condo of some sort in an urban environment in a preferred city (like say New York, Seattle, Portland, or some place of that sort) that would allow me appropriate parking or access to transit to get to my parking for the above mentioned vehicles.

Last but not least, I would love to write tons and tons of music until forever.

So put simply, I would absolutely NOT stop coding, but I would work on a LOT of other things without a regular 8hr daily gig.  The thought is fun, but even then I'm sure one of the above things would become a "job" of sorts.  Something always is the daily job.  : )

Question #2:  Based on whatever you did with your free time, what would you title yourself?  Chief Potato Masher, Pencil Pushing Writer o? Stories, or Coffee Endeavorer o? Tastiness?

Cowboy is one I like lately.  Cept' not in the "Modern Country Cowboy music hick", but in the honest, by the earth, live by the seat of my pants, keep the holster filled with a loaded 6 shooter type of Cowboy with integrity.  Yeah, that I dig.

I suppose the other one I go by is ok, Agilist Mercenary has cool ring to it.