Techie Land Silly Questions

Ok, it is time for an off the cuff, random, oddball, just for fun blog entry.  Two questions for the readers in Internet Land.

Question #1:  If you did not have to work, had a few dollars stashed away so that you could live comfortably and do whatever you wanted, what would you do?  Would you still code?  Would you still create?  What would you create?  Would you be able to stay idle?

Question #2:  Based on whatever you did with your free time, what would you title yourself?  Chief Potato Masher, Pencil Pushing Writer o? Stories, or Coffee Endeavorer o? Tastiness?

There are a million possibilities, I would love to know what you would call yourself, so please do leave a comment or three. I will have my answers later in the week.  So stay tuned and help me out with some comments.  You can bet it will include something along the lines of what I already do, but I’ll keep it a secret until then.  : )

30 thoughts on “Techie Land Silly Questions

  1. I’d probably spend a lot more time biking, swimming, playing music and enjoying the wonderful Columbia River Gorge where I live… But honestly, I’d still be coding.

    I like programming too much to stop, and I like creating useful things for other people. Since programming has always been a hobby, it would still be in my list of hobbies I spend my time on, I just wouldn’t get stressed out when I couldn’t get paid for it.

  2. This one is easy, hands down if I didn’t have to work I would build custom motorcycles and hot rods. I would imagine that software wouldn’t initially be part of it but after we grew enough I know that CAD/CAM would be a part of the landscape.

    As far as my title, I think some inspiration from Samuel L. Jackson would be in order. Something like Head Mofo in Charge (at least when my wife isn’t at the shop). I also guess, my blog would have to be repurposed as the company site, but I’m willing to make that sacrifice.

  3. 1. I’d probably go out and try and film an independent feature. But I’d also like to spend some time learning Objective C and coding some Mac/iPhone/iPad applications. Primarily right now I’m a web applications guy working in PHP/MySQL, etc.

    2. I’m pretentious enough to call myself "Director" on my company communications, so I suppose that will continue. πŸ™‚

  4. Hm…well, I have a strong desire to make stuff with media. I’ve worked with many different kinds over the years, but there’s always so new way to join them together to make something "new". So I’d spend my days learning and experimenting with ways to use media to do things like tell stories and promote awareness. As for my title, I’d call myself: mediaChick.



  5. Awesome response AND title mediaChick! Love it.

    Eric – Awesome notion. I wouldn’t doubt I’d spend a large part of my days racing & riding bikes and sick awesome sports cars (like heavily tuned 400+ hp beasts). As for the title – RULING!!! I dig that title.

    John – Ditto w/ me and the programming. Couldn’t stop doing it if I tried. I just enjoy it too much.

  6. I’d play guitar 8 hours a day instead of 4. And I’d call myself chief guitarist. Of the free world.

  7. I’d still code. I’d play my guitar and piano a lot more often. Definitely devote more time to beer.

    For coding I’d probably write all of the apps I’ve always wanted for my own use, GPL them and then write a droid version. Finally I’d have a contact manager I’d be happy with.

    Then I’d write more lua scripts for Aardwolf mud; and play, a lot.

    I don’t know what I’d call myself. Probably "Happy Dude"

  8. I would travel. And read and write. So I would go somewhere, and read and write for a while, and then go somewhere else. It sounds delightful. And I don’t think I’d want a title. πŸ˜‰

  9. I’d do the same things I’ve always done – fresh air, computers and music. I would (and do) still code. I would create computer music. I would sing. I would blog. And I would call myself Chief Scientist.

  10. Travel, make films, travel, take photos, travel more, maybe design and build cool furnitures, an I love Jerry’s craft distillery idea, bike, surf, skate and never ever design something stupid for a client again. Or have clients for that matter.

  11. I’d take my family on a tour of the world, shoot more photos, and change my title to "Director of Absolutely Nothing."

  12. Wow, anything in the world?

    Well, I’d do a hell of a lot of reading, travelling, and friend-making. I don’t think I can stop learning. I’d most certainly keep coding. That’s a bug (haha) I couldn’t shake. However, I’d probably wind up getting weird jobs, just to broaden my perspective on things. These jobs wouldn’t last more than a year– just enough to say "ok, I understand that now". Private pilot, artist, commercial freight shipper (on a boat), something in a manufacturing plant, taxi driver, and something really, really dangerous or shady like Alaskan crab fishing, male review dancing, or protesting against PETA. I really have no desire to do any one of those last three right now, but with too much time on my hands I know I’ll get bored with feeling stationary very quickly. I’d probably pick up the tuba again, too. Toooooba.

    As for my title, I don’t think I could resist the He-Man awesomeness being printed on business cards; a statement simply to prove that I am comfortable enough to be as obnoxious as I want to be: Master of the Universe!

    Sorry for such a standard answer.

  13. 1) I’d still create and probably code. This stuff is in my blood πŸ™‚ Or maybe I’m not imaginative enough.

    2) In the free time I have, I usually watch Netflix or play PC games. Pretty lame. But then again, I don’t have much free time.

  14. So easy…

    The only thing I’ve ever wanted to do is travel someplace else and shoot a camera, so a trip around the world that doesn’t quite have an end, focusing on the art rather than thinking about how marketable a shot is going to be is just my thing. Thoughts of coding and computer design would get left in the dust for following the sun and becoming my best Maslow self-actualized self.

    Title: Artist/Writer (It was that or International Playgirl)

  15. Mike – Jeez, such a standard answer?! Ugh.

    Michele – You gotta go with International Playgirl Artist!

    Chuck – I love it, "Director of Absolutely Nothing"!!

  16. Biblical Archaeology, I could dig in the dirt all day under the hot sun, just for the thrill of touching an artifact that hasn’t been seen or touched for thousands of years, (gosh, that sounds like Recruiting!) And finding evidence that corroborates ancient writings.

    Title: Deliriously devoted dirt digger

  17. Travel, make films, travel, take photos, travel more, maybe design and build cool furnitures, and I love Jerry’s niche distillery idea… bike, surf, skate and never ever design something stupid for a client again. Or have any clients for that matter. Oh, and I would most definitely live in one of my favorite European countries instead of this bouseux place.

  18. ooooh thank you for asking such a fun question! First, I would go lead bicycle, wine-&-dining tours in France and Italy for some months/years until I get bored πŸ˜‰ I just had to turn that opportunity down for practical/$ reasons…. so sad. Then, I would find a way to keep using my love of travel, cooking fresh local foods, yoga, and acrylic painting, and helping people live life and smile. That would make me a Traveling Artist Cooking Up Smiles… or a Foodie with a Paint Brush – Will Travel for Yoga… or Flexible Artistic Foodie… Thank you for sparking some dreams : )

  19. If I had more money then I could spend I would take at least one year off to cruse around Europe, by train, with my girlfriend, and just spend a disgusting amount of cheese on buying useless crap and sleeping in expensive Hotels/Castles. Afterwards I would start investing in real estate in Bosnia, and just start building a bunch of big ass villas all around the country, and then sell them when the time is right, just for shits and giggles.
    My title would be Crazy Rich-Ass Dude Who Spits in the Face of Poverty Bine, and of course I would have to update my car lot πŸ™‚

  20. I would still code but I would also do all the things I wish I had time for right now but don’t. I would start fighting again, build another 65 Mustang, get out camping more.

    My title? Ninja!

  21. I think the first thing I’d do is go learn Spanish — preferably where the natives speak it. I’d definitely be looking at slowing down — no more hour commutes twice daily — and increasing quality rather than quantity. Travel, reading, bicycling, walking, getting to know people, spending time with those I love would all be a huge focus.

    But I love creating things — websites, research, writing, photography, cooking, beer — and there’s no way I would give that up.

    And if I could live that way, focusing on quality rather than quantity, I wouldn’t need a title.

    Great question, Adron!

  22. I would tour the worlds best transit systems, and film them all. Maybe to a documentary on each one. I would be able to take my time!

  23. Question #1: If you did not have to work, had a few dollars stashed away so that you could live comfortably and do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

    Well, I just lost my job 2 months ago, and I tend to lose my job often. So, I can authentically answer this question. No matter what, I really like the work that I do and I would do it even if I didn’t have to do it for a living. But, on top of that, I would be a bit more entrepreneurial because my expenses would be covered. I would play in the bands that I play in, and on top of that, I would start a few more companies that do good in the world: whether it be international exchange (such as a life swap), sustainability work, or a fun-ass bar.

    Would you still code?
    No. I don’t code now. It’s bloody awful.

    Would you still create? What would you create? Would you be able to stay idle?

    I am always creating and never idle. I’m busier when I don’t have a day job, actually.
    Question #2: Based on whatever you did with your free time, what would you title yourself? Chief Potato Masher, Pencil Pushing Writer o? Stories, or Coffee Endeavorer o? Tastiness?

    Green Business Entrepreneur and Geek.

  24. I would get a place on the beach with satellite tv and fast internet and spend the rest of my life there.


  25. Hmm… ‘Tastiness’…can I steal that title and use it whenever the situation calls for such a name?

    I’m not the type to sit and do nothing for long, so I would definitely use my time to help build community in Downtown Phoenix and continue to write for the blog. People already stop me on the street and say ‘hey, you’re that light rail blogger dude’ – so that title sounds good for now. πŸ™‚

  26. I think I’d be a farmer, and continue to make things only with plants. πŸ™‚

    Given that, I guess my title would be "farmer".

  27. #1.
    Start a company where I would teach others the skills necessary to become as independent as I am. One rule though. You cannot have a college degree. It’s easier to help and teach independent thinkers who have not been turned into corporate drones by the US Education system.

    No Title. I would prefer no one knew I was the one behind it all. It’s easier to help people when they do not know your the one paying the bills.

  28. I have a distinct predilection for staying idle. You could probably call it a talent. In the last decade I don’t think I’ve had a job that I wouldn’t have dropped in a heartbeat if I had enough money – that’s a damning reflection on my inertia. Given the chance, I’d travel and watch soccer in more places than is sensible or interesting, probably putting a little check mark next to each location in the manner of Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s European Vacation in the mistaken belief that documenting it would lend it some vague validity. I think Arse-Scratcher Royal would sum it up.

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