MIX 2010 Covert Operations Day 1

Portland Departure – Farewell Stumptown

Off I go on a plane from Portland, Oregon to Las Vegas, Nevada for the MIX 2010 Conference.  Before I even boarded the plane I met Paul Gomes a Senior Software Engineer and Andrew Saylor the Director of Business Development.  Both of these SoftSource Employees were en route to MIX themselves.  Being stoked to already be bumping into some top tier people, I bid them adieu and headed for my seat on the plane.

I boarded, and had before the boarding opted for an upgrade.  I have to advise that if you get a chance on Alaska to upgrade at the last minute, take it.  It is usually only about $50 bucks or so and the additional space makes working on the ole’ laptop actually possible (even on my monstrous 17" laptop).  So take it from me, click that upgrade button and fork over that $50 bucks for anything over an hour flight, the comfort and ability to work is usually worth it!

Las Vegas Arrival – Welcome to Sin City

Got into Las Vegas and swung out of the airport.  I then, with my comrade Beth attempted to get Internet Access for the next 3 hours.  Las Vegas, is not the most friendly Internet Access town.  I will just say it, I am not sure why any Internet related company (ala Microsoft) would hold a conference here.  There are more than a dozen other cities that would be better.

But I digress, I did manage to get Internet Access after checking into the Circus Circus.  Don’t ask why I ended up staying here, if you run into me in person, ask then because there is a whole story to it.

At this point I started checking out each session further on the MIX10 Site.  There are a number I deemed necessary to check out.  However, you’ll have to read my pending entries to see which session I jumped into.

With this juncture in time reached, I got a ton of work to wrap up, some code to write and some sleep to get.  Until tomorrow, adieu.

2 thoughts on “MIX 2010 Covert Operations Day 1

  1. I would like to note I have enjoyed internet access from the 33rd floor without problems for the last several hours. Clear.

  2. If I had Clear on my machine, I would have probably been able to use it. :p

    Enjoy Vegas Beth. 🙂

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