My Webtrends Engage Speaking Engagements?

So here is the lowdown on what I will be presenting, demoing, and showing to the attendees & anyone who is interested at Engage 2010.  If you are attending and have not signed up on the Engage Crowdvine Site, please do so.  There are some great conversations going on there.

One other thing I wanted to point out, is that you MUST attend the Ignite in New Orleans.  Ignite events are a blast!  Portland, Oregon regularly has some of the largest Ignite Events, and since we are bringing a whole lotta Portland love, and NOLA is well known for some great parties, I know the NOLA Ignite will be awesome!  So make sure to attend.

First off, Brian Gallagher and myself will be showing off some awesome technology for video tracking at the science fair break out sessions.  There will be a Tuesday Science Fair and a Wednesday Science Fair, and I will be there with Brian going over the tracking.  So if you miss us one day make sure to check it out the next day!

The next speaking session is the enterprise & business intelligence topic I have mentioned in some of my previous blog entries.  The session is titled Make Analytics Work across your Enterprise.  Our topic summarized is, The nerd of the Enterprise;  ETL, EPM, ERP, BI, CRM, and how the alphabet soup works together for real Enterprise Business Intelligence and Insight.

The final engagement I have is a topic near a dear to my work here at Webtrends.  Over a year ago a rock star team of developers; Rob D, James K, and myself started working on the Data Exchange, REST Web Services for Webtrends.  Of course now those have been in production and are now on v2.0 already!  Rob has gone on to rock the current iPhone Webtrends Application (Check out the Webtrends Blog Post Too) & James is coding away at some of the awesome infrastructure that keeps all the data flowing smoothly on the back end (to the web services, to the Insight UI, the whole thing ? James is awesome at that).  So we built these services many months ago and now I get to present them as a workshop session at Engage.  Open web services based on good clean REST Architecture Principles have always been an interest of mine and I have been and will continue to be stoked that we at Webtrends have these available for customers!  So be sure, if interested, to check out the Workshop:  The RESTful Way ? How to Use Webtrends REST Services.

Also for further reading, check out some of my past entries on REST Services;

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  1. Awesome buddy. Hopefully I can come to your sessions – and you should check out the webcam stations – you’ll get to see what I’ve been working on all this time.

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