A Flash Evangelist Goes to the Dark Side

On Tuesday the 12th, from 6-8:30pm, make sure to get yourself to downtown Portland to the Webtrends Office.  Not only will you get to enjoy the awesome views from the 16th floor you’ll be treated to awesome information from the upcoming speaker.  Who is the speaker?

Mike Downey is a Director of Platform Evangelism at Microsoft.  Mike was previously the Principal Evangelist for the Platform Business at Adobe Systems.  His primary focus was on Flash, Flex, and AIR.  Needless to say, the ensuing presentation and conversation should be quit interesting.

If you’re interested, and you ought to be, check out the calagator event.

Last piece of advice, don?t drive, park at one of the transit centers and take the MAX downtown.  Life is exponentially simpler that way, and parking is then free and MAX only costs $2 bucks.