Where am I headed?  A lot of shifts are taking place in my life right now, one of the most notable is some slightly different directions in technology I?m making.  There are certain bits that are staying the same;  I will keep learning as fast as I can, stay on the bleeding edge of technology, and probably stay primarily within the Microsoft stack.  The biggest change will be a more dedicated approach to UI, UX, Charts & Chart Rendering, and the math that goes into that.  With Microsoft's release of Expression into the MSDN that has encouraged me to step beyond my normal UI & UX work into these new realms.

So what does this do for me?  A number of things really.

  1. My analytics work dictates usage of many charts, and some charts that are sometimes complex.  The more layers and spines of data, the more one needs better and more descriptive charts.
  2. Financial, analytics, statistical, and other math doesn?t escape high demand.  There is always some entity, person, company, or a desire to have better data, more accurate information, more correlations, increased understanding.  Combining financial, analytics, statistical, and other mathematical practices into my work I bring even more of these demands to my supply of skills.
  3. I am promising myself to finally meet promises I have posted on this blog, and expand my reach.  I haven't done nearly as much as I would have liked to, I am more dedicated now than ever to make what I want happen.  I have been surfing long enough, not that I won't do a fair amount of surfing, if given the opportunity, it is important to the mental accuity and sanity of my person 😉
  4. I definitely intend to get more involved in the Web Analytics Industry.  I have too many ideas and knowledge about this industry to not share what I know.  Beyond that, I am sure there are even more ideas and knowledge to be built upon mine, expanded by others that I hope to interact with in the future.

These may sound like new years resolutions or some mumbo jumbo, but I deny that resolutely.  These are simply things I will be working on in the future.

2 thoughts on “Mathz

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