New Orleans + Webtrends + Me = Technology Rock Show


That is me right now.  I am stoked about the upcoming Engage 2010 for a few reasons.

  1. The main reason is because the analytics industry & this field of technology is really interesting to me.  I dig crunching the numbers, working with our clients, and getting the results and analysis into useful, actionable numbers.  Being able to see & know our clients are able to act on those numbers is awesome.  Attending a conference like this provides an opportunity to talk with clients regarding their use of the technology.
  2. Ideas grow at a rapid rate when this many smart people, with a common interest & goal are in one place.  Just talking with conference goers, thought leaders in the industry, and being able to talk on a one to one basis gives me, them, and everyone involved new ideas.  One never knows what may come out of a conference like this.  Whatever does, it is always exciting to think of the opportunities.
  3. Ignite New Orleans.  If you have ever been to a Portland Ignite, these are really cool events.  Local, human, entertaining, and personal all come to mind to describe how these Ignite Events are.  To have one in New Orleans – or Nawlins' – will be a blast!  đź™‚
  4. I will be there speaking & working a workshop.  This will be the first time I have ever presented or done anything like this in New Orleans.  That adds all the more excitement to it.  I hope to see some familiar faces and many new ones.
  5. I grew up just down the ole' Interstate, so New Orleans or as we often say Nawlins, is kind of a second home to me.  I enjoyed so much driving into this city from the east, over Lake Pontchartrain's Twin Span 5+ mile bridge or the 23+ mile Lake Pontchartrain's Causeway.  Better yet I really enjoyed rolling into the city on the Amtrak Crescent via the Norfolk Southern Lake Pontchartrain Bridge (See the awesome map).

This is shaping up to be a truly awesome event.  If you are going and would like to meetup, discuss some analytics, or just enjoy some music on Bourbon, St Charles, or Decatur just hit me up on Twitter @webtrendsadron.