New Webtrends Release, v9.0 is Up And Live!

The engineering group at work got v9.0 up and live.  If you have an account you can check it out at  Props out to Justin, Rob, Joel, James, Adam, David and the whole crew working on the release.  Great job!

Here’s a few of the new bits that really provide some great insight (pun intended?) into activity on a site.  In this case I’m comparing the profile I have setup for Loosely Coupled Human Code Factory.

(Click on the larger for a full screen shot of the image).

In the image I have the red arrows pointing at the RSS feed, which is actually an existing feature, but this is a perfect example of wiring in an RSS feed so one can see the effects of the entry?s increase in hits after posting.  In addition looking a little further back on the graph you can see where the blog experienced a decrease after a posting.  Looking at the grey bars, which represent weekends, one can see that posting a blog entry on Friday or Saturday usually makes for bad readership, especially on a tech blog like this.  But posting on a Monday, Tuesday, or even Wednesday usually bodes well for readership.

In this image I’ve shown what clicking to add a Note looks like.  Adding Notes is a new feature.  Just hover over the Notes bar on the left hand side and click on the + that appears.  It will show this modal focused window as the image shows.  Enter the information for the note and set the date & time, if it is for a global setting or the current profile and the privacy setting.  Once done just click on save.

As you can see, the note now shows up as A on the chart.  In the display below the note text shows.

This is a great way to put markers into charts to show significant events such as a product release or something similar that would cause an increase or decrease in visitors, visits, or other measure.

This image shows the Twitter Feed I have, that I often associate links with to this blog or others.  I started tracking it to show the tweets in the description area and to see when a particular tweet or link posting increases views of the particular link posted.

That is my quick multi-second tour of the new Webtrends Insight interface, hope you enjoyed.  Hopefully I?ll have more to post real soon so keep an eye on this blog and the Webtrends’ Developers’ Blog for DX and DC.

6 thoughts on “New Webtrends Release, v9.0 is Up And Live!

  1. I like the idea of being able to look at the trends of my website, unfortunately it’s so new I’m not actually getting any traffic to it. I guess I better do something about that!

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