From The Technology Stack, Omniture & Adobe

As many in the analytics industry know, Adobe has put up $1.8 billion for Omniture.  Several blog entries floating around out there;  More color on Adobe + Omniture by Eric Peterson, Webtrends encouraged by Adobe?s purchase of Omniture at the Oregon Live Site, Congrats to the Omniture folks! A Q & A with myself by Akin, Why Did Adobe Buy Omniture? by Anil Batra, Adobe buys Omniture:  What are they thinking? by SemAngel (Gary Angel) and many others.

Amid all the things written in those articles and entries, I will leave just as they are written without comment.  Everything written in these conversations are pretty much similar ideas, about how it is truly an odd purchase.  That is great from my perspective, I am a Webtrends Employee and I enjoy the work very much.  I find the competition growing and lively.  But there is one thing I want to comment on, and it is mostly a technical observation that I would love for non-technical people to take heed of.

The one thing I want to comment on is this mythic idea Microsoft may be or should be scooping in at the last second and bidding on Omniture.  There was even some statements that Microsoft should have bought Omniture.  The major issue with this is two fold;  Omniture & Microsoft are built, generally, on completely different technology stacks.  Microsoft uses, well, Microsoft‘s Technology Stack and Omniture uses a deluge of non-Microsoft Technology (with a few MS Products here and there, like their Excel Tools).  So even if that was a match, it would have been really bad for Microsoft, as the publicity for not dog fooding their own technology after this mythic purchase would have been huge.  The cost for Microsoft to rewrite the entirety of almost every tool Omniture has would have been overwhelming, even for Microsoft.  The cost, in the end, would absolutely not be worth it for Microsoft.

I won’t venture about our technology stack at Webtrends, nor Adobe & Omniture‘s Stack, other than to say from the technical perspective Adobe matches Omniture‘s Tech Stack far better than a Microsoft & Omniture stack.  Adobe has a fine history of taking disparate ? specifically non-Microsoft technologies ? and getting them to work together.

…and to a great 09′ and improving economy for everyone, Cheers!