Excel Helper Utilities Library Part Four

Over the last few entries I’ve added various pieces of functionality to the Excel Helper Library.  Well, I decided to put together and offer the the documentation I’ve created, the assembly, and the solution files themselves via my site.  Here’s everything that is included so far.

The image above shows the page where the assembly, documentation, and visual studio solution links are available.  Below I have a shot of the *.chm file and the html based documentation.  Click either image to get at either of those forms of documentation.

Now don’t think I am finishing this series here, I will absolutely be adding more functionality and capabilities to the Excel Helper.  Each step will have added code and information right here on my blog.

Stay tuned for more, specifically what I intend to build next, but am not promising, is some ribbon functionality addins.  Currently I’m finalizing what architecture I’ll be using for the Excel Ribbon addin.  So stay tuned, more coming.

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