Blog Entry Roundup

A few of the good blog entries I have had the pleasure of reading the last few weeks.

Writing Great Unit Tests:  Best and Worst Practices by Steve Sanderson.  This entry is just an overview of unit testing, but really well written.  Also Steve placed a few nice charts in defining unit & integration tests.  The combination just made for a nice refresher, or for the test newbie, a great introduction.

Gergely Orosz has some articles on NHibernate versus Entity Framework performance;  Thoughts on ranking ORM tools, NHibernate vs Entity Framework: a performance test, and Nhibernate vs Entity Framework ? a revised performance comparison.  The interesting conclusion is that there is no good effective way to compare ORM platforms.  I suppose, it best to compare on the specific metrics you desire in an ORM platform, then choose.

The REST for ASP.NET MVC SDK entry is a good read.  First off it states what it is and why you would want to use it, which would be helpful for many.  It caught my eye solely because I would have loved to have the functionality 10 months ago for a project, instead of manually developing all the bits.  At least it is out now and I will surely be using it as such.

Last but not least, there is the Facebook & ASP.NET MVC entry.  This is a useful entry, being I have just jumped onto a project doing some Facebook Development this is a very helpful entry in getting up to speed.

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