New Webtrends Web Services Capabilities

Not sure what I can or can't talk about, so I am just going to go on about these things anyway – because some new features we've been working on here at Webtrends are literally right around the corner from release!  So I will be a little risky here and elaborate a bit.

Over the last several months we've been bustling here at the beehive working on some major efforts for opening up our data to increase the flexibility in which users can use the data we collect.  Our strong point at Webtrends has always been exhaustive and elaborate data collection and providing available correlation.  Now we've opened that up in a major way by providing data via web service.  We've done SOAP in the past but that is not really the language of the Internet so we've provided new services that have a new architecture that provide our data for collection more directly.  These new web services are built using REST Architecture principles and if I may gloat a bit, are awesome!  Yeah, awesome!  Nothing else available in the market like this, it is nice to lead.

For more information on these web services for pulling analytics data check out for more info.  You can even ping me via the site if you have any further questions – I love talking shop so feel free to get in touch.

On the other end of the spectrum we also have web services for data collection or as we refer to them DC web services as in Data Collection Web Services.  The DC web services are going to allow us to step far beyond mere web site data collection.  Currently we use a lot of JavaScript for collecting data & an assortment of tools, but these new services only require a mere HTTP stack availability within your application, language, or toolset of choice.  They can easily be used then to track nearly anything.

Some of the ideas that keep rushing around in my head include;

  • mobile device applications that aren't wired into a browser.
  • Silverlight
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe AIR
  • Microsoft WPF Applications
  • Any RIA Framework built app
  • Qt on Linux
  • .NET Server calls, services, etc.
  • Java UIs of any sort
  • ?and if I spent anymore time I'd make a list so long this entry would get far too wordy.

I believe the initial offering of data collection services will be in a beta for a short time, but as with the web services (which I got to work on the original team ? it rocked ? props to Rob D & James K for the awesome work & continuing awesome work on the web services exchange ? for those curious, I'm working on integrations & consulting now so I get to play with the services that we've built!! )

For any clients out there that would like on premise versions of these services ? please contact us and let us know, as I would love to see the on-premise versions get some high priority ? which they will if you contact us and let us know you want these in addition to our SaaS based OnDemand services!

Anyway, I?m stoked about the offerings coming down the pipeline and am exited to be working with them myself.  I look forward to working with clients & future customers on expanding these offerings and seeing what other data points we'll all come up with to track.

3 thoughts on “New Webtrends Web Services Capabilities

  1. I’ve been testing these out all day, and loving the new capabilities already. Can’t wait to test out the data collection API sometime.

  2. Ditto. I’ve of course played a little with the data collection, and a ton with the data extraction having worked on the team – but I’m really looking forward to some dedicated work combining both. These just exponentially expanded our capabilities to produce varied and expansive supporting products. đŸ™‚

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