Attended Cloud Camp PDX today.  Great overall conversation, with a lot of familiar faces & people of the Portland brain trust participating.

The conference started off with a large group gathering in the main cafeteria room.  There was an unpanel put together with a few cloud gurus.  After a round of questions the main sessions where laid out and everyone started out to the break out session.  Open session conference topics ranges from couchdb to cloud security, to the glorious tips and tricks of Amazon.  Overall a great bunch of discussions really breaking down what a cloud is and what a cloud does.

Overall a lot of fun, great food, and good people with great minds.  One has to love to Portland tech scene.  If there was ever a reason for a company to locate in Portland, this room full of talent discussing the bleeding edge of technology is a prime reason.

After that we all broke into second set sessions.  I went to the "Is Cloud Computing a return to the time share, maintenance model, and what does that mean?".  I have to say, I don’t think it will ever be an honest return to truly dumb terminals and server focus, it will continue to be mixed.

That was it for me, being the host I had cleanup and such, so hope all had fun.  I had a blast as I tend to at nerd events.  All in all, a good day.