To Be A Software Engineer in 09?

This is one of those personal tech related entries I just wanted to write.  It doesn't have anything to do with any specific technology, just the industry and more specifically the local software industry here in Portland.

It's Good to Be a Software Type

Recession, depression, I have to say it isn't all that bad being a software developer, engineer, or generally someone who builds software.  The job market is NOT bleak but instead there is still pretty continuous hiring.  Of course, mind you, I'm talking about jobs that require experience and lots of skill specific knowledge.  Nationally, the fact this part of the software industry is doing ok doesn't help the rest of the nation much.

The other comment I thought was justified is that I still have to turn away work regularly, because I have too much work.  I hope this continues to be the situation forever but who can tell.  There are a lot of speed bumps for the economy as a whole in the coming days.

Learning New Technologies

There are so many technologies to learn, in one technology stack that it is difficult to stay even slightly versed in each part of a single stack, let alone two or three stacks.  I've done just that recently and leapt face first into Adobe's Technology Stack.