Flash, Flex, and AIR

I’ve started ramping hard core of Adobe‘s suite of products.  There are numerous reasons why, but I won’t bore anyone or myself.  The cool thing is the technologies that Adobe has created.  I started to write up a description but I found this video which describes the differences between Flash & Flex Development Environments, and the difference between Flash and AIR.

This player, unto itself is rather awesome, I really dig it.

The second thing I?ve started reading through is the Inside RIA Entries.  This is a valuable knowledge base from actual bloggers and users of these Adobe toolsets.

As I’m going through all of this material I’ll post more of the information I’m accumulating.

On a side note from the market perspective, Microsoft really needs to bulk up against the competition, Adobe has some amazing products that really are years ahead of the competition for developing well thought out and usable user interfaces and designs in general.