Webtrends Will Not Nickel and Dime!

Read more about our services and convention product releases over on web analytics world’s “Inside WebTrends Engage 2009: WebTrends Announcments” by Craig McLurg.

That’s a good pricing plan.  Strategies like this make me really dig working at webtrends.  I’m also extremely happy to be working on the team since inception for the web services that have been released today at Engage!  We have a lot of exiting technology in the works and this is just merely one piece!

Be sure to check out our new webtrends Developer Network also.  I’m on the site as a blogger acting as myself with a whole crew of great people that can help you make the most of the new webtrends web services API.

Be sure to check out Derek Fine’s “Welcome to the Developer Network” and for the info on our web services specifically check out my entry “Web Services & REST“.