I Gotta Be a Nerd!

Here I am on a beautiful Saturday and I?m watching a talk by Alan Stevens, someone I met at ALT.NET Seattle.  This guy has real passion for software development, but also has a strong passion for learning and getting better.  He recently had some talks that he posted on his blog Cave Markings in Coding in Public Slides and Video.  The second video is the one I?ve sat here, on a beautiful Saturday, and watched.  Absolutely great talk, he covers many points of how and in which way people learn in skilled occupations.  Definitely, if you?re interested in learning, worth a watch.  A few of the good quotes Alan pointed out, if you watch, these really stand out.

Normalcy is for advanced beginners.  Experts are weird.

?and the other quote that Alan brought up was?

Those who know do not speak;  Those who speak do not know.

Alan Stevens – Coding In Public from Scott Walker on Vimeo.