My WebTrendsian Peepz!

If you happen to be swinging down to Las Vegas during April 7th to April 9th be sure to say hello to Manoj Jasra of web Analytics world and of course, all my fellow WebTrendsians!  Manoj has a good blog so if you're an analytics professional (or just interested in the field), it's definitely worth a subscribe.

On the note of the event, Engage 09?, in Las Vegas I have some great work coming up at WebTrends which I'm looking forward to elaborating on.  Only problem, it?s top secret right now so you'll just have to keep reading to see what's up.  🙂

Some of the entries I'll be writing in the next couple of months will be SEO, analytics, and data storage related in nature.  I've got some architectural ideas brewing for further integrating Enterprise Business Intelligence, very high horizontal scale, and analytics.  Of course, I'll be going on about how you can use WebTrends to do these integrations.  So if you're in the business, you'll want to click on the feed and get subscribed.