PEX, Ben Hall, and Some Other Notes

While checking out more ideas for my data generation tool/app/libraries I stumbled on this video of a presentation by Ben Hall.  The presentation “DDD7 Session Video – Microsoft Pex – The Future of unit testing?” is a great introduction to the PEX framework/toolset.  If you write unit tests, or are trying to get started writing tests, this is a great video to watch.

I watched the video and have a new level of admiration for this guy, and for Red Gate.  He’s using ReSharper (+ points), steps through code smoothly and logically (+ points), and above all he knows his information.  Excellent traits.

PEX Worries?

At 40:14 in the video Ben brings up a major point of contention that I too have.  I don’t really want to use PEX with the Microsoft Test Framework.  I?d much rather use NUnit, mbUnit, or SOMETHING besides Microsoft Test.  Even though, I know, the last dozen code entries I’ve posted uses the Microsoft Test Framework I intend to change that soon.  Ben goes on to point out that almost all of the major test frameworks are now supported.  This is awesome news!  I now have full motivation and have downloaded the PEX libs.

With That Written?

I’m now off to download NUnit and get rid of my Microsoft Tests.  I will prospectively go get XUnit too and start taking a solid look at that tool.

Data Generation Tools

While viewing this video Ben also mentioned a data generation project on CodePlex.  I couldn’t help but get a bit giddy about this fact.  So I checked it out.  Red Gate Generators – Red Gate also has a professional tool that they sell.  The libraries look pretty cool and solid, but I’ll have to review the library license before I know if I can use anything there or not.  I might have to just “not see” anything there.